Petworth Farmer’s Market & Lunch


We went to Petworth today as I had an appointment at my hair salon there, and found that the Farmers Market was on today.  Apparently they have this every 4th Saturday of the month.  There weren’t many stalls but we looked around and bought some goat cheese.


Goat cheese shop.


We bought this orange coloured one


and this one with truffle.


ランチは、帰り道の途中の Cowdray Farm Shop Cafe で。夫は鹿肉のコフタとフラットブレッド。とても美味しいと言っていましたが、食べにくかったようでした。フラットブレッドを別添えにしてくれれば食べやすいと思うのですが。

We then went on to the Cowdray Farm Shop Cafe for lunch. My husband had Venison Kofta & Flat bread.  He said the Kofta was really good – but it was very hard to eat.  It would be much easier to eat if they put the flat bread on the side.


I had a BLT sandwich.  I’ve tried a few things here in the past but I found this the best choice.

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