Change Of Plan And Pub Lunch With Friends

一昨年去年と2年続けてこの時期に Sheffield Park に紅葉を見に行きましたが、今年は一昨年ご一緒したお友達ご夫婦とご一緒する予定で、今日がその日でした。月曜日か水曜日のお天気が良い方の日に行こうと言っていて、いつものようにしばらく前からお天気予報をチェックして毎日一喜一憂していましたが、数日前に水曜日の方が良さそうなので水曜日にしましょう、と決めました。近くのパブでサクッとランチをして行きましょう、という予定。でしたが、今朝起きて、「あっ!」と思いました。Sheffield Park の予約を入れてない!ナショナルトラストなので無料ですし、普段は予約の必要はないのですが、この紅葉の時期だけ事前予約が必要なのです。チェックしてみたところ、今日のチケットはもう売り切れ(涙)。お友達ご夫婦も忘れていたそうなので、仕方ありません、ランチをゆっくり楽しみましょう、ということになりました。

The year before last year and last year, we went to Sheffield Park at around this time of year to see the beautiful autumn leaves and we were going to go there again today with our friends, who first told us about this place when we moved to England.  We kept Monday and today free so we can choose a better day in terms of the weather and we had been checking the weather for a while and decided a few days ago to go today.  We thought we’ll have a quick lunch at a pub near there, then enjoy the autumn leaves together.  However, when I woke up today, I thought, “Oh, no…!”  I remembered that you need to book tickets for entrance in advance.  As it’s National Trust, it’s free anyway for us as members and usually we don’t need booking in advance but we do only this time of year when the autumn leaves are beautiful.  When my husband checked, the tickets for today were already sold out.  Our friends had also forgotten about the need for tickets.   I was going to book as soon as we decided which day, but somehow it slipped out of my mind.  Well, there was nothing we could do, so we just decided to enjoy lunch together.

ランチの場所は、Newick の The Bullというパブ、お友達ご夫婦が見つけてくださいました。

So we had lunch at a pub, “The Bull” in Newick, that our friends had suggested.


My husband had Wagyu Burger, which he said was good but very hard to eat being so thick.


I had Sausage and Bubble & Squeak.   I didn’t enjoy the cabbage (I find boiled cabbage not very pleasant) but the sausages and Bubble & Squeak were good.  I had 2 of the 3 sausages and about 1/3 of the Bubble & Squeak.


Our plan was to have a big lunch and have a very small evening meal, so we had dessert each as well.  My husband had Sticky Toffee Pudding.


I had lemon meringue pie, it was much too sweet.  I know meringue is sweet but lemon filling should be a little tart so they balance together, but the filling was very sweet as well.  Also the pie case wasn’t actually pie case, but store-bought filo pastry case.




So, no autumn leaves, just lunch but we had a lovely afternoon with our friends.  Although the desserts weren’t to our liking, the main dishes were good.

代わりに来週行ければ良いのですが、月曜日から3泊で旅行に出ますし、その次の週もいくつか予定が入っていて Sheffield Park に行くのは難しいかもしれません。葉っぱが紅くなる木々が他にはあまりないので行きたいのですが。ちなみに、車で走っていると随分木々が色づいてきてはいて、黄色くなっている木は結構見かけます。

I wish we could go next week but we are going away from Monday for 3 nights, then we have a few things on the week after that as well, so we may not be able to go to Sheffield Park for autumn leaves this year.  You don’t see many trees that turn their leaves to a strong red around here so I would really love to go there.  When we are driving we did notice that the trees are looking more autumnal now, with lots of yellow and brown.




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