Autumn Leaves In Sheffield Park


We went to “Sheffield Park”, where we met our friends last year, to see the autumn leaves.  Our friends we went with last year couldn’t join us this year so it was just my husband and I.  It takes us about an hour to get there.  Probably because it had passed the peak time of autumn leaves, the queue for the car park wasn’t very long, we didn’t have to wait much at all.  Probably the peak time was about 10 days ago, I guess, but we had a few things going on with our house and also the weather hadn’t been very good at that time.  It was still very pretty anyway.



















It was colder than I expected.  As I hand’t walked outside recently and it’s warm inside the house, I’d sort of forgotten how cold it is.  I mean, I knew the temperature had dropped a couple of days ago so I did wear something that I thought was warm but not enough at all and I had to borrow one of my husband’s gloves.  My head was aching as it does when it’s very cold, too.  The lowest temperature is now 3C and the highest is 11C or 12C, so it is wintery here.





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