Sunday Lunch With A Group Of Friends From Hong Kong

今日は、香港時代からのお友達3組とサンデー・ランチをご一緒しました。場所は、Millstream Hotel のレストラン、わたしたちは今回が3回目。ご一緒した1組のご夫婦は比較的近くにお住まいの仲良くしていただいているご夫婦、1組はニュー・フォレストにお住まい、もう1組は香港から比較的最近イギリスに引っ越して来られたカップル(男性2人)。香港から最近引っ越して来られたお2人とは随分久しぶり、10年くらい会っていなかったかもしれません。

We had Sunday Lunch with a group of friends from our Hong Kong days at the “Millstream Hotel Restaurant” in Bosham.  We’d been there twice before.  One couple are our good friends, who live relatively close and we do meet relatively often, one couple live in the New Forest and I think we last met about a year ago, the other couple (2 guys) moved from Hong Kong quite recently and we hadn’t met them probably in about 10 years.


One of them is a vegetarian and he had Moroccan Chickpea Tagine (he said it was very good), but being a Sunday Lunch, the others had either roast pork or roast beef.  I had the roast beef as we’d had roast pork at home quite recently.





We all had some dessert – mine was Sticky Toffee Pudding, which was good, but afterwards I wished I hadn’t done it as I got too full and too uncomfortable!




Blackberry Sorbet was presented beautifully.



As we are still very full, we’ll either skip our evening meal or have a piece of toast or something.


We chatted a lot and had a lovely afternoon.


Apparently, very early this morning it rained very heavily (we didn’t know that at all as we were fast asleep) but it was quite sunny around lunch time.  However, when we came out after lunch (around 4:00pm), the sky looked very dark and it started raining and thundering on our way home.  Thunder always reminds me of Singapore.



We are going to the Cotswolds tomorrow to stay for 3 nights.  The weather forecast isn’t very good but I’m hoping the actual weather will be better than the forecast.  We’ll be taking a gardening course for 2 days so we don’t mind the weather then, but we have one day when we are hoping to go and see some autumn leaves so I hope the weather will be OK that day.



A house near the restaurant.  There are still lots of thatched roof houses in England, they look lovely, I love them – although I don’t want to live in one because I hear you get huge spiders.





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