Delayed Birthday Trip (The Cotswolds) Day 1

もう3週間近く経ってしまいましたが、今月初めにわたしの誕生日があり、一応誕生日のお祝い旅行ということで、コッツウォルズのホテルで行われる Sara Raven というよく知られているガーデナーさんのガーデニングのコース(1日コースを2日)を受けることしました。2人だと受講料も結構なお値段ですしホテルも高級ホテルなので、何かの機会でなければなかなか参加し難く、お誕生日のお祝い旅行は言い訳のようなものですが。

It’s been nearly 3 weeks but my birthday was earlier this month so we came on a birthday trip today to take Sara Raven’s gardening course for 2 days at a hotel “Thyme” and stay at the hotel. The course is quite expensive specially when both of us attend and the hotel is also expensive so we just needed some excuse.


We’ve been eating out quite often recently and it’s only a couple of hour’s drive from home so we left after lunch.


The weather in the last few weeks have been very English and changeable, it changes several times in a day from sunny to cloudy to heavy rain and it was that sort of a day today. I remember that we saw rainbows many times when we first moved to England because it would rain then the sun would come out many times a day about 3 years ago. We saw 3 rainbows today on our way to the hotel.

ホテルはコースが行われる Thyme というホテルの敷地内に入るとたくさんの黒い羊がいました、ウェールズの稀なタイプの種類の羊だそうです。

When we drove into the site of the hotel Thyme, we saw these black sheep, they are apparently a rare type of Welsh sheep.


Although the room is nicely done, it is very small. There is only 1 chair and no wardrobe other than hangers on the wall.

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