Left-Over Lasagne


I forgot to mention, but my husband and I had our flu jabs yesterday.  Some people react badly to it and get fever or flu-like symptoms from the jab but we have been OK.  However, this time, it was a little painful, not very much, but comparing to the last 2 years it was more painful and now it’s red, swollen and quite warm when I touch the place and it’s painful to sleep on that side.


Talking about jabs, my husband had the 4th Covid vaccine some weeks ago, but I haven’t and my turn is coming next week!  I do also have some reservation about vaccine but we still feel it’s better to get it.  We have been going to places where many people are inside a building in the last couple of months, and I do worry about catching Covid every time.  At the gardening courses we took this time had more than 50 people inside a closed room so I feel it’s likely that some of them had it so I’m still a little worried.  Once I get the vaccine, I will feel a little less worried for six months or so as hopefully the symptoms will be less than what they would be without.



Like I wrote yesterday, today’s dinner was Lasagne, which was left-over from yesterday.  I added a little milk (maybe water works just as well), covered it with alminium foil and warmed it up in the oven for 20 minutes, took the foil off and put it back for 5 more minutes and it was nice and hot.  It isn’t as good as when it’s just made (the sauce does sort of solidify) but it wasn’t dry and was still very tasty.




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