Happy Halloween!

今日は、ハロウィーンですね。わたしも夫も子供の頃にはハロウィーンなんて影も形もなかったのでわたしたちにとってはほぼ無関係なイベントですが、わたしたちが住んでいるクロースの7家族のうち1つだけ小さなお子さんがおられるご家族があり、去年、「ハロウィーンに子供と行っても良いですか?」と聞かれてほぼ初めてのトリックor トリートを経験しました。(正確には昔香港に引っ越してすぐにご近所の子供達が来たことがありました。わたしは一応お菓子を用意していましたが夫が出て「I don’t know what to do…!」と言ったため、子供たちは、「オーケー」と言って帰ろうとしたところをわたしが慌ててお菓子を持って追いかけたということがありました。イギリス人でしかも子供がいないので夫はどうすれば良いのかわからなかったみたいです。)そこのご家族にはお子さんがお2人おられるので事前に2人分のお菓子を用意していたのですが、ドアを開けたら従姉妹ちゃんと一緒に3人(とご両親)と立っていて、あらら、ということになったので、今年は3人分用意していたら、今年は2人でした(笑)。

Happy Halloween!  As there wasn’t such an event in Japan or in England when my husband and I were little, it’s not something we celebrate, but out of 7 families living in this close just one family has small children – two girls – and at Halloween last year they asked if they could come around for “Trick or Treat”. This was our first “Trick or Treat” experience.  (Strictly speaking it was our 2nd experience.  In our first year in Hong Kong, children in the neighbourhood came around and rang the bell and said “Trick or Treat!” and my husband said “I don’t know what to do…!”.  They said “OK” and were going to leave so I had to run after them with sweets that I had prepared.  As we have no children my husband didn’t have any clue what he was supposed to do.)   So for Halloween last year we prepared 2 little bags of sweets for our neighbour’s girls, but when my husband opened the door there were 3 girls – their cousin had come with them.  So this year we prepared 3 little bags, but this year there were only 2 of them!



Even though it’s been very warm for this time of year it does get colder at night, so they were wearing coats – so you cannot see their costumes very well but they looked very cute.




There was a heartbreaking incident in Seoul yesterday.  I remember there was something similar in Japan some years ago, too.  It’s better not to go to too crowded places…


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