Solar Panels & Japanese Hot Pot (again)


Our Solar panels were going to be installed today, and the scaffoldings were put up in advance on Monday and they were going to finish the installation today.  However, apparently, the wrong panels arrived and the panels we had ordered are out of stock.  So, they just did the preparation, which took them basically all day, and they’ll come and install the panels when they arrive.  We don’t know when that would be, I hope it won’t be long because I wouldn’t like to have the scaffoldings up for long, they’ll need to come and take them down if that’s the case.


Today’s dinner was Japanese Hot Pot with Chicken Balls – again.  I tend to cook too much when we have guests and I definitely prepared too much food this time, so we decided to have it again today.  I think lots of Japanese would have hot pot 2 days in a row, often adding something like udon on the 2nd day.  We added Ramen today, which we enjoyed.  Somehow we cannot really fully enjoy a meal when we have guests just because we are always checking if our guests are looked after, so we enjoyed it even more today.


It’s been raining so often recently, a bit depressing.




We had a little Umeshu (plum liquire) as well as we opened a bottle yesterday.


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