Nabe (Japanese Hot Pot) Party


As our next door neighbour invited us to a dinner sometime ago, we asked them to come to us this time.  As we don’t know them that well yet and we don’t know what sort of food they specially enjoy, after thinking a lot, I eventually decided to do Nabe (Japanese Hot Pot). I thought it’s not so strange to those who may not like foreign food, and something a bit different.  They are a little older than us and I know they don’t eat large portions or anything very rich, so hot pot might be good as it’s light and they can eat only as much or as little as they like.  One of their sons lives in Hong Kong and they’d been to Hong Kong to visit his family so I wondered if they’d had Steam Boat or something but they said they’d never seen this sort of a meal.


We had Champagne and some rice crackers at the kitchen island for a little while before sitting at the dining table.  Then we served a very small glass of Umeshu (Japanese plum liquor) just so they have something different, then next door neighbour’s husband had beer and the rest of us continued drinking Champagne.


We served smoked salmon as a starter, then had the hot pot.  What we used in the hot pot were chicken balls (we  minced chicken thighs using a mincer, added tofu, green onion, garlic, ginger, coriander, soy sauce, salt, pepper, Japanese corn starch, sake & mirin), romaine lettuce, carrot, shiitake, shimeji, rocket leaves, baby leeks & tofu.  I also made some Chinese style marinaded cucumber & cabbage as a side dish, which was a little spicy.








I made a sesame dipping sauce, which has store-bought sesame sauce, tahini, soy sauce, mirin, Doban-jan, and then asked them to add as much or little as they liked of grated garlic, green onion, coriander, chilli pepper & yuzu-kosho (yuzu & chilli sauce).




I forgot to take a photo but we served a little dessert of vanilla ice cream with warmed cherry in kirch (they came in a jar).  I added a little brandy and thickened the sauce by adding some corn starch in water.



I was worried if they’d like the meal but they ate well so hopefully they enjoyed it.

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