It rained in the morning but it brightened up in the afternoon, so we went to a garden centre to buy some plants for the large pots and also compost for potting. Then we did some more mulching with compost after coming back.  I think we probably have mulched about a quarter of the back garden.  Apparently it’ll be raining all day tomorrow, but we are going to re-plant the pots, pots some spring bulbs in 2 large pots and finish mulching.  I expect it’ll take us a few more days, though.  I was quite worried I might be aching all over today but I seem to be fine other than just a little ache on my thighs.  A lot of gardening involves me squatting down or carrying something heavy so I have to tell myself to be careful with my back.


Today’s dinner was Okonomi-yaki.   Yes, I talked about it just the other day how the chef on Masterchef pronounced it totally wrong and they used potatoes as one of the ingredients.  We do not use potatoes!  It has a lot of cabbage, tenkasu (deep-fried batter), green onion, pickled ginger and the batter is made with soup stock, flour & egg.

As always we had Issen-yaki first then Okonomi-yaki.  As we cannot get hold of thinly sliced pork belly we use bacon.


I add a little extra water and soy sauce to the Okonomi-yaki batter for Issen-yaki.  After spreading some dough on a cooking pan, I add tenkasu, pickled ginger and green onions, let one side become nice and brown.  Than turn it upside down, push it all over to make the other side nice and crunchy.  It’s delicious with beer.



For the Okonomi-yaki we used an egg on top today.  On top of this we put Japanese mayonnaise, ketchup, tonkatsu sauce and chilli pepper.  Yummy.


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