Pumpkin Soup & Cheese


It was raining again until late in the afternoon, very windy and cold. I’ve written this before but it’s been raining so much that there has been a lot of flooding.  We see large deep puddles in the roads when we go out and see the fields flooded in many places.  When we moved here 3 years ago, it rained so much in winter, there was a lot of flooding.  Luckily where we live seems OK but we see flooding in nearby towns on the news.  Drought in the summer, flooding in winter…


Our evening meal today was pumpkin soup so we can use up the left-over pumpkin, to which we added sautéed chorizo and croutons, which was very tasty.  We also wanted to have more of the Mont d’Or and Brighton Blue cheeses that we bought in Arundel before they get too old, so we had them with grapes and pear and French bread.  We enjoyed it, too.








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