Onion Soup & Cheese On Toast


I meant to blog the lunch we had yesterday but forgot.  We had leftovers of some of the onion soup and Gruyere cheese that we grated  on the day before yesterday so we had it for lunch – not as French Onion Gratin Soup but as Onion Soup & Cheese On Toast.


Although French Onion Gratin Soup looks so delicious – and it is delicious – we find it a bit of a pain to eat.  We now use shallow bowls like yesterday so it’s not too difficult as a spoon can reach the bottom of a bowl but it’s still easier to have without the bread on top.  Besides the bread absorbs so much of the soup that it’s more like eating soggy bread with cheese topping.  I know that this dish started so people could eat hard stale bread but we never have hard stale bread, we use either fresh bread or bread from the freezer – so it makes more sense to have them separately, and I love crunchy cheesy bread.  The soup was so sweet and delicious, too.   There was still a little more soup left and we did finish it as well.



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