Goulash & Pasta


As the weather was very good today and my husband took several bags of weeds and pold plants to the dump, we did some gardening today.  It rains so often here that we do need to get on with it when we can.  We bought some pots of plants (not individual plants but arranged and potted in planters) so we potted the two large pots that are on the patio near the house today and I cut back the remaining geraniums etc, did some weeding and collected leaves from the flower beds.  I saw some spring bulb shoots here and there, so we have to get on with the mulching!


Now, for dinner, we cooked Goulash as we had beef rib pieces following this recipe (Japanese only) but added a little cream at the end.  The amount of beef was much smaller than the recipe so we decided to cut it into small pieces and serve it as a pasta sauce and it was surprisingly delicious!  I think I like it this way more than having it with rice.  When  we weighed the beef it was about a half of the recipe (the recipe is for 4 people) but it still had some bones in, so after taking the bones off it was probably 14/ or 1/3 of the recipe.  We cut down the recipe in half other than the amount of beef because we needed more sauce for the pasta than we would have if we’d had it with rice.  There was plenty of beef for 2 of us and there is some sauce left.  It really was so tasty, I think I’ll cook it again as a pasta sauce.


I don’t think Italian people would approve of this, though, as I don’t think we’ve ever seen pasta with chunks of meat like this whether it’s beef or chicken.  Also they don’t approve of having a salad with pasta or main, they have salad afterwards.  I know this but we prefer having it with the pasta.









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