Lunch At Thai Time In Arundel

今日は最近お知り合いになったご夫婦(奥様が日本人、ご主人様がイギリス人)とアランデルの「 Thai Time 」でランチをご一緒しました。わたしと奥様は一度お目にかかっていますが、他は初対面。以前アランデルにお住まいだったそうで、お気に入りのレストランが「Thai Time 」とお聞きして、たまたま、昨日に続いてのタイ料理になりました。わたしはタイ料理は大好きなので、続いても全然平気です。

We had lunch with a couple (the wife is Japanese and the husband is English) at Thai Time in Arundel today.  I had met the wife before but not her husband and my husband only said hi to the wife once and hadn’t met the husband.  They lived in Arundel some years ago and one of their favourite restaurants is Thai Time so we happened to have Thai for 2 meals in a row (as we had Thai dinner yesterday), but I don’t mind having Thai food for a few days consecutive as I love Thai food.



Chicken Satay.  Very tender and delicious.



Spring rolls.




Chiang Mai Sausage.  They don’t have this on the menu any longer but when we told them I was sad they don’t because I used to love it they said they’ll prepare it if we contact them in advance – and they kindly did.  I thought it wasn’t the same, though… perhaps I didn’t give enough time for it to be fermented well.



I forgot to take photos but we also ordered 2 banana fritters and shared between 4 of us.  Sausages were a bit too gamy for me and I felt bad because they specially prepared it for us, but I enjoyed everything else.


Although their ages and circumstances are quite different from ours, there is a major common ground of having lived in Japan so we didn’t run out of topics to talk about and had a great time.  Hope we can get together again.


Incidentally, they also mentioned “My Neighbour Totoro”, the play I wrote about the other day.




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