Pre-Christmas Dinner With Friends At Lemongrass (Thai) In Chichester


My friend gave me a lift to the workshop and she took me back to her house afterwards and we stayed there until it was time to leave for dinner at Lemongrass in Chichester, where we met my husband.  We tend to get together for dinner a little before Christmas to wish each other “Merry Christmas” but they all get busy closer to the time so this is about the time we manage it.  Only 2 weeks and a few days before Christmas now.  We see Lemongrass often because it’s near the car park we use often in Chichester and we’d been meaning to try the place but hadn’t done so far.


Vegetable spring rolls.


Chicken Satay, which were overcooked and dry but tasted fine.


Chicken & Coconut Cream Soup – my friend’s husband’s order.


Chicken Masaman Curry.


Green Chicken Curry.


Thai beef salad.  It was quite different from what I expected but the beef seemed good quality.



We also had a noodle dish (Pat Si Ewu) but I didn’t enjoy it so much.


We enjoyed the chatting and the dinner and parted saying Merry Christmas to each other.



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