Christmas Wreath Work Shop At Hillier Garden Centre

昨日はお友達に誘っていただいて「Hillier Garden Centre」というところで催されているクリスマスリース作りのワークショップに参加しました。以前、夫とポットとハンギングバスケットに植え込みをするワークショップに参加したのと同じガーデンセンターでのワークショップで、教えて下さったかたも同じ方でした。

I joined a Christmas wreath making workshop at a Hillier Garden Centre with a friend yesterday.  I’ve taken a potting workshop in the same place with my husband before and the staff who showed us how was the same lady.


I’ve made Christmas wreaths at a few different classes in the past, but this one was made with moss as well as spruce with wire.  I think making it with a wire is the easiest way.  The samples were quite small and thin but we were told that we can use whichever (or both of) the 2 different kinds of spruce branches and whatever the decorations they put in front of us, which included pine cones, ribbons, cinnamons, dried orange, dried orange slices, dried apple slices and some other things.  I used more spruce branches (just blue ones)  than others, I think, because I like it to look full and thick and large, but didn’t ‘use many decorations.  They also gave us a set of battery operated fairy lights but I decided not to use them on this wreath.  The ribbons they had were very wide and glittery ones so I used a thin white one that I had at home.  I know it’s very simple but I still like it.


The lady who showed us how was always paying attention to everyone (I think there were more or less 10 people), going around to make sure we were all OK and gave us plenty of materials to work with, and it was a very nice fun workshop.




Once we finished making a wreath, we had a break before we started decorating it and we had tea or coffee and a mince pie.



My husband hung the wreath on the side door (near the garage)  I think I’ll move the ribbon slightly but I quite like it considering the limited materials.  I personally prefer mixing different foliages but it’s not easy to do so here so I’m happy with this one.  I think it’s a very good value as the fee isn’t very expensive.  I’m thankful that my friend asked me to join her.





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