It was better weather than we were expecting from the weather forecast, nice and sunny and bright.  We went to Petworth this afternoon to have my hair done so it was already 3:00pm by the time we got back so we only had an hour or so before it got dark but we did do some gardening.  I think I can finish cutting back the rest of salvias and penstemons in one more session.  I saw more shoots of crocuses in the flower bed.


The temperature  went down again, it was 8C the highest and 3C the lowest, apparently it’ll go down to 0C tomorrow, -1 on Thursday and minus for the following few days.  It’s warm inside house and I don’t think we’ll be walking outside much so hopefully it won’t be a problem.  It’s expected to be sunny, though.  We would love to have some snow but the forecast changed and it doesn’t look like there will be any now.


We had Raclette for dinner today, something we hadn’t had for quite a while.  The last time when we had Raclette, we couldn’t find the special grill and used a Japanese hot plate instead – and we still haven’t found it.  My husband and I must’ve agreed to put it somewhere when we unpacked after moving in, but we cannot remember anything about it.  So, we bought a new one.  The old one was round shaped and it took so much storage space so this time we bought a rectangular one.  I would have liked a small one just for 2 persons but I couldn’t find a small good-looking one so ended up getting quite a large one for 8 persons.  It is easier to put away, though, because of the shape. We did find a good place to keep it.








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