Cheese, Bread & Fruits


It’s freezing coooold!  As forecast, it has gone very cold, it was frosty this morning and the frost didn’t disappear for a long time.  The highest temperature 4C, the lowest -2, it’s -1C at the moment.  If we have the central heating on all the time of course it’s nice and warm everywhere at home but it’s a waste to keep it on where we aren’t.  I spend most of my time in my craft room and my husband in his music room upstairs of my craft room, so the main part of our house isn’t used much other than the bedroom during the night, living room in the evening (and sometimes early evening).  The living room gets warm quickly with the gas fire, the bedroom seems to be warm enough.  However the kitchen and the dining room are the problem.  Usually the heating is put on a little before we start cooking lunch or dinner but it doesn’t get warm enough in a short time when it’s so cold.  My craft room also needs extra help from the airconditioning unit because the underfloor heating isn’t enough at the moment.  It was very cold outside but there wasn’t any wind and the sun was out.  Looking at the weather forecast, it’s going to be cold like today or colder for the next 10 days or so.



We had a big lunch so we had just a light meal with cheese, fruits, new season olive oil and bread.  My husband thought we would be having it in the dining room but it was too cold for me, so we had it in the living room, where it’s nice and warm.






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