Frosty Day, Coffee Morning & Gardening


Like yesterday, there was frost this morning, it’s 4:00pm but it still hasn’t gone.  Apparently the lowest temperature was -4 today and the highest 3C.  Very cold, but I think it felt colder yesterday.



One of the neighbours (next door but one to us) moved to somewhere nearby in the summer and she invited our next door neighbour and me (just ladies) to a coffee morning at her new house. Having tea/coffee and lovely homemade mince pies, we chatted to catch up with each other and before we knew it it was lunch time! It was lovely to see her.  I can imagine moving has been very stressful for her – unpacking, having a few things done to the house and getting new furniture etc – so it was good to see her looking less stressed and quite settled in the new house.


So, we got back home, I had a quick lunch with my husband, then we did some gardening.  I’ve finally cut back all the salvias and penstemons!  It’s a bit sad without them but I am so glad that I finished it.  After that, I did some weeding and collected leaves from the flower beds, but after about an hour my fingers and feet got freezing cold so I stopped.  We need to spread the compost in the rest of the garden (we’ve done about 1/5 of it) but I think we’ll wait until it gets a little warmer.  I found about 10 or so spring bulb shoots in total, which isn’t that many.

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