Pasta With Mushroom & Beef Ragu


Tonight’s dinner was short pasta with Mushroom & Beef Ragu (we made it with lots of mushrooms and little beef sometime ago) from the freezer.  Our large freezer is still quite full so we are trying to eat what we can from it.  I wanted to make the sauce taste fresh so I sautéed garlic and chilli flakes before adding the defrosted ragu, we enjoyed it very much.






The yellow weather warning is issued in the UK and it looks like it snowed in some areas.  Here, the snow mark disappeared once but it’s back on Sunday.  My husband and I love snow so we’d love it if it stayed a little.  Looking at the forecast, it’ll be cold like this for the next 10 days at least.  It was so warm in October and early November, and now this.  It is strange weather.  It looks like it’s quite cold in Japan as well, specially later next week.

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