Simple Pasta With Tomato Sauce


It was another very cold day with frost all day.  Apparently it’ll go down to -4 around midnight!  My craft room is usually nice and warm with the underfloor heating but during this particularly cold spell it doesn’t go higher than 18C or 19C unless I use the air conditioning unit so I use it now and again but don’t want to use it too long as it dries the air so much, so I’m wearing more clothes than usual and using a fluffy and warm throw that my friend sent to me a few years ago to keep myself warm.  The trouble is that the kitchen and the dining rooms are so cold because the central heating in that area is turned off during the day.  Every time when I go in the kitchen to get some water I get so cold!  My husband told me off because I keep saying “it’s so coooold”, but I cannot help it!  The gas fee is going to go up to something like a double so it’s silly to keep it on when we aren’t there, though.


Today’s dinner was pasta with very simple tomato sauce.  All it has is onion, garlic, fresh mini tomatoes (we had them frozen), tin mini tomatoes, salt, pepper, sugar.  This is the sort of pasta I particularly love, but my husband prefers it with more ingredients in it so we don’t cook this sort of pasta so often.  It was yummy!




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