Ribollita (Tuscan Bean & Bread Soup)


It was another cold day.  There was a snow mark from 8:00pm when I checked the forecast an hour ago, but it’s gone now, so I guess we aren’t having any snow tonight.

フランスパンのストックが少なくなったので、最近パンのストックに通っている Shoreham-on-the-sea にある「Le Patisserie」まで行って来ました。いつもちょうどランチの頃に着くように出てサンドイッチをいただくのですが、今日は室内は満席でした。外席もあって座っておられる方達もおられましたが、寒過ぎて無理、多分2度か3度だったと思います。歩く分のは辛いほど寒いわけではなかったですが、座って(それもプラスチックの冷たい椅子)じっとしていると絶対体が冷え切ってしまうと思います。皆さんそれほど長居はされないので待てばすぐ空くかもしれないのですが、今日は持ち帰りにして家で食べることにしました。もちろんついでにケーキも買って家に戻りました。このところ、とにかく寒いので家の中で過ごしている方が多いのではと思います。日本も随分寒くなって、もうすぐマイナスになるみたいですよね。お風邪などひかれないよう、暖かくお過ごしください。

Our stock of French bread was getting low so we went to our favourite bakery, “Le Patisserie” in Shoreham-on-the-sea.  We always leave home so we’ll be there around lunch time and have delicious sandwiches there, but the inside tables were all occcupied (it’s a small cafe) when we got there.  There were people sitting at outside tables, but we didn’t want to because it was pretty cold.  I guess it was 2C or 3C, it wasn’t too bad to walk but I would have thought your body will get so cold if you sit on a plastic chair without moving around.  People don’t seem to stay too long so I suppose we could have waited but we decided to take our sandwiches away as well as bread and cake and have them at home.  As it’s been cold I guess most people are staying home.  It looks like it’s gone cold in Japan, too, and the lowest temperature is expected to go below zero soon, hope you are all keeping warm.


So, we cooked Tuscan Bean & Bread Soup for the evening meal to day to warm us up – it’s a very wintery soup.  I’ve written a rough recipe before but we cooked onion, carrot, celery, cabbage (as we didn’t have Cavolo Nero) cannellini beans, fennel, rosemary & tinned tomato, then added torn up bread, it is very thick soup.  Different bread seems to have different texture after absorbing the liquid, but it had a very nice texture.  There was enough for 2 meals so we’ll be having the other half sometime soon.






The lights of the Christmas tree look lovely in the background, so I want to take a photo from this side this time of year.



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