No.131 Hotel In Cheltenham


Most of the time when we travel in England we tend to stay at Manor House type hotels in the countryside (we like them specially because they usually have lovely lounges, where you can relax) but this time we stayed at a hotel in the town of Cheltenham, “No.131”


The room is quite large and the interior was very cool.  We loved the high ceiling, too.




However, we hate it that new hotels and newly renovated hotels often have a bathtub in the bedroom.  Why?  Does anybody enjoy having a bath in the middle of the bedroom?  We use only showers so it doesn’t matter too much but if I wanted to have a bath I would hate it.  Besides, it takes up quite a bit of the room.  What is the point of it?



High ceilings also in the bathroom.



Complimentary Satsuma (I guess?) and mini mince pies – nice touch.


Vintage style telephone was also a nice touch.




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