Mulled Wine, Mince Pies & Hamburg Steak


Although I’m glad it’s not as cold now, it’s been raining so much and we haven’t been able to do any gardening – we really need to finish the mulching before many spring bulbs come out.  It stopped raining for a short time so we did some mulching, I think we have done about a half of the garden.  My husband’s pelvis was hurting (he brings the bags and dumps the compost and I spread it) and my lower back was hurting, we must be very careful!

今日は今年最後のチチェスターの美容院に行って来ました。ロックダウン後しばらくは飲み物のサービスはストップしていましたが、今はまたお願いすればお茶やコーヒーなどいただくことができます。わたしはあまりお願いすることはなく、今日も「大丈夫です、ありがとうございます。」とお返事したのですが、「Mulled Wine もありますよ〜。」と言われて心が動き(笑)、じゃあ、いただきますとお願いしたら、マグカップくらいの大きなカップに入ってきました。ミンスパイ付きです。

I went to my hairdresser in Chichester for the last time this year.  For a while after lockdown they weren’t serving drinks but they started again to serve drinks like coffee and tea.  I usually don’t have anything and I said “I’m OK, thank you.” when I was asked if I wanted anything, then my stylist said “We have mulled wine going on, too?”  to which, I said “Oh, OK, then, I’ll have a small glass.”  Then this was served – a very large glass-full with mince pies.



When I was done it was already evening so the town looked like this, quite a lot of people because it’s just before Christmas.



Today’s dinner was Japanese Hamburg steak with demi-glace sauce with carrots and stem broccoli.  I’d cooked hamburg steaks before freezing them last time when we had them, so we just microwaved them today.



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