Cumin Flavoured Carrot Soup


It was another wet and grey day all day.  It had stopped raining after lunch and I would have liked to continue mulching the garden but my lower back started to ache quite badly yesterday evening and it was worse this morning, I have to move quite slowly at the moment, so there was no way I could have done any gardening.  I really don’t want to have a very bad back now (not that there is any good time to have it) as we are leaving for a 3 night trip tomorrow to spend Christmas staying at our favourite hotel in Devon.


We’ll be eating too much from tomorrow for 3 days at the hotel, so we had a light supper.  There were so many carrots in the fridge because the system of the online supermarket is that they put the same items in the cart as the week before and I kept forgetting to remove carrots, so we cooked carrot soup with cumin.  I usually cook carrot soup just with onion, carrot and some herb or spice, I prefer not to add milk or cream when it tastes good already.  However, today I felt it needed something so I did add some cream.  It was good but personally I still prefer without cream or milk as I feel you can taste carrot more that way.  I should have added some of the organic Japanese vegetable stock powder that I get from Japan, it would have made it better.  Sometimes just onion and carrots makes delicious soup but sometimes it lacks a bit of flavour.



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