Arriving In Gidleigh Park & Wine Tasting

ダートムアから無事に戻って来ました。Gidleigh Park Hotelでのクリスマスイブからの3日間、のんびりとリラックス出来た滞在でした。

We are back safe and sound from Dartmoor.  The 3 days from Christmas Eve at Gidleigh Park Hotel was very relaxing and enjoyable.


When we left home on Christmas Eve, it was cloudy but not raining.  However, we drove in quite thick fog at one point, only for a few minutes.


After driving the very narrow and wiggly approach road for a while we see this familier sight and feel at home.




We arrived a little after 3:00pm.  When we came to the door of the hotel we could hear Christmas songs being played by a brass band.



Log fires in the fireplaces, a few Christmas trees here and there – they make you feel Christmassy straight away.




This was our room this year – same as the one we stayed in our last visit in September.


There was a bouquet of flowers in the room, too  I’m wondering now if we were supposed to bring it home as it was still in wrapping.


荷解きをして、早速ラウンジに。4時からワインテイスティングがあったので、それまでクリスマスソングの演奏を聴きながら、Mulled Wine (ホットワイン)とミンスパイをいただきながら待ちました。

After unpacking, we went down to the lounge and had a glass of mulled wine and a mini mince pie, listening to the music, while we waited for the wine tasting that started at 4:00pm.



St Veran 2021 Domaine Botti 2020
Chassagne Montrachet Monnier 2020
Gevrey Chambertain Bidault Vielles Vignes 2019
San Tenay, Les Charmes Antoine Olivier 2020


The wine tasting was 2 white and 2 red as above, all Burgundy wine.  Unlike usual, I liked the 2nd white wine the best.






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