Tenerife Day 4 / Lunch & Dinner


Tenerife Day 4. We went back to our room for lunch and got room service again, sharing a Club Sandwich between us.


We tried the Italian restaurant for dinner today worrying if it was going to be as bad as the other restaurants we had tried.


My husband’s starter was Burrata cheese, tomato, basil & rocket salad.


My starter. One of them look like sushi but it’s Serano ham. 2 bruschetta with tomato, mozzarella, basil & Serano ham. There was strongly flavoured olives in the bread used so it tasted mostly olives.


My husband’s main was Lasagne. He enjoyed it but it was quite gamy for me.


It took me a while to decide what to have for the main, I thought pizza would be the safest but I didn’t feel like having pizza because we had it only a few days ago. So, in the end, I ordered Spaghetti Arrabiata. I was quite worried if the pasta would be overcooked or undercooked but it was actually done fine. The sauce was quite ketchuppy, I would say. It was quite like what we call “Neapolitan” that we used to have 50 years ago in Japan but more seasoning and about 3 times of the amount of the sauce. And it was very very spicy! Still, it was edible, better than most of the food we’ve had in this hotel.


My husband had 2 scoops of Tiramisu flavour ice cream for dessert.


I had a scoop of Pistachio ice cream.

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