Tenerife Day 5 / Lunch & Book


Tenerife Day 5. Only 1 more day is left. The first half seems to go slowly but then it speeds up.


Now, yesterday, after we had room service lunch, we found out that you can order and eat light meals like sandwiches at the pool and on the terrace of the Red Level Lounge. We went back to the room from the poolside, ordered and had it in the room, so we paid more!


So, we had light lunch at the terrace of Red Level Lounge today, we both had hot dogs. It was very good! At last! I was very happy that we could actually enjoy what we were eating. Yay! Not that it was anything special but the buns were toasted and warm and the bacon bits on top were crispy and it was all tasty. Where we grew up, we would put some stir-fried cabbage (I think only where I grew up or in Japan), which adds extra crunch and makes it even more delicious but I’m not complaining, it was great to be able to enjoy something we ate. The portion of chips was too much, we probably had 1/3 or 1/4 if that, but the hot dogs were normal size – I could have had one more!


As I finished my embroidery piece, I read a book today. I haven’t read many real paper books (vs Kindle) for many many years.

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