Cheese Fondue


Although Tenerife was colder than we expected, it was much warmer than here of course and it felt as if my body thought, “Ah, of course, it is still winter!”  Still, it’s not as cold as it was sometime ago.  Apparently, though, it’s expected to go down below zero again from Sunday.


As it always happens when we come back from a holiday, we felt very lazy to cook a meal today.  Still, we realise that it’s better to cook ourselves something we enjoy eating than not cooking and not enjoying what we have.  We had Cheese Fondue today for dinner so as always we had it with a large salad, a few different salami, boiled carrot and boiled new potatoes.  I find some of the potatoes in England are very nice and sweet.  In the salad, we used tomatoes, onion, apple, grapes, mixed leaves, lemon juice, white balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt & pepper.  We really enjoyed everything.










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