Drinks With Neighbour Friends & Cheat Dinner


As our next door neighbour friends were curious about the hotel we stayed at in Tenerife and we, 4 of us together, hadn’t got together for a while we asked if they’d like to come over for a drink or two before dinner.  In Japan, I expect most people would prepare quite a lot of picky foods for such occasions but I know people in England don’t eat much at this sort of gathering so we just put out some crisps, olives etc.  We talked about our holiday, they told us about their previous holidays and they left after about an hour and a half.  It’s quite nice to have such a quick and casual get-together now and again.





We knew we wouldn’t have much time to cook dinner so we bought ready made Chicken with Mushrooms in cream sauce, mashed potato & sticky toffee pudding (12 pounds for these 3 at M&S) for dinner when we were out yesterday, so all we had to do was to put them in the oven.  The chicken & mushroom’s sauce becomes too thick and too salty after warming up in the oven so I put some milk in and mixed with the sauce before putting it in the oven, about 3 or 4 table spoonsful .


When we were chatting with our next door neighbours I had too much of crisps etc, so I wasn’t very hungry when it cane to dinner time!  So we were not able to eat the dessert – it can keep for a few days.



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