Garden Update / Snowdrops, Narcissus, Iris Reticulata



It’s been a while since I did a proper garden update because not much happens in the gardens during winter.   Before we went to Tenerife, just 2 snow drops were out (buds were out but they weren’t completely opened out), but when we got back we found quite a lot of them scattered in the back garden.





In the front garden, there is one narcissus opening and many with buds.  We found one of them fallen on the ground so I put it in a little vase again and it’s opening up, too.




There are a lot of stems and leaves of narcissus in the back garden, too, but they don’t have buds yet.  The front garden is facing more or less south so the plants grow faster.



These are dogwoods, of which branches become very red in winter and are very popular in England.  Personally, I would have preferred to have other plants that have pretty flowers, I’d rather give up with flowers/ plants in winter but see lovely flowers other time of year specially because they take so much space.




Christmas roses are all doing very well including the ones we bought at the end of last year.






Lots of crocuses are coming out, too, in the back garden.  The ones in the front garden don’t seem to be doing well, they were planted only recently so that’s one reason but it also looks like squirrels might have dug some of them up.




One of the 2 pots we have at the front porch now has 2 blooms of iris reticulata and the other one has one.  The one on the plants in the right of the porch (facing the house) always grow faster because I guess it gets much more sun than the other side.  We planted many bulbs but not many shoots have come out yet, I do hope more will come.







The pot of Muscari that my husband’s brother and his wife planted and gave us is also full of shoots, I’m so looking forward to seeing the flowers.




Even though it’s still cold and wintery, these changes in our garden make us feel the spring isn’t very far, which is lovely.


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