Cakes From La Patisserie

旅行に出る2週間くらい前にいつもショーラムにある「La Patisserie」でまとめて買って冷凍している美味しいパンがなくなってしまったのですが、往復1時間以上かかってしまうのでなかなか行く時間がなく、昨日やっと行って来ました。ここに行くといつもサンドイッチをランチにいただくのも楽しみの一つ。

About 2 weeks before we left for Tenerife, we ran out of the bread that we buy a lot of from La Patisserie in Shoreham so we were trying to go and get some more but we just couldn’t find enough time as it takes more than an hour to go and get back. We finally managed to get there yesterday.  When we go there we also look forward to their sandwiches which we have as a light lunch.



The main reason we go there is to stock up on their great bread but we just cannot get out of there without buying their cakes as well.  The tart cases are so nice, crispy and delicious, very much like what I have learned from the French baking class I take on Zoom.



We didn’t have a chance to have the cakes yesterday so we had 2 of them (half each) with tea this afternoon.  My husband has been watching rugby in the living room so I had it in my craft room in front of my PC.





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