Pub Lunch With Friends (The Black Horse in Binsted)

今日は、お隣のお友達と、もうお1人数ヶ月前に引っ越されたお隣のお隣だったお友達と3人でランチをご一緒しました。車で数分のところにある Binstead の The Black Horse というパブに行きました、夫と何度か行ったことがあり、この辺りでは評判が良いパブです。

I had lunch with my friends, one of whom lives next door and the other used to live next door to that.  We went to “The Black Horse’ in Binsted, which only takes a few minutes to get to by car.  I’d been there with my husband a few times before and it has good reputation around here.


I had “Homemade smoked chicken, avocado, dried tomato & bacon salad”.  They had it as a starter and as a main and I ordered the starter size but ordered flat garlic bread on the side.  I couldn’t taste much of smoke but it was enjoyable enough.  There wasn’t enough dressing on the salad so I did ask for extra.



For a dessert, I had Sticky & Toffee Pudding, which I love.  However, sometimes the sauce is too sweet for me, so I asked them to put it on the side rather than in the same dish and I ended up not using the sauce as it was very nice without.


The Black Horse
Binsted Lane,
Arundel BN18 0LP



I have opportunities to see my next door friend quite often but have been seeing the other friend only once in a few months, the last time when I saw her was before Christmas.  It was lovely to get together.



I very occasionally go out for lunch with my friends like this without my husband and my husband usually goes to the pub near us.  Apparently he had Steak & Kidney Pie so we both had a big lunch, so we’ll probably have just toast or something light in the evening, so we don’t have to cook today!


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