Nabe (Japanese Hot Pot )

今日の夕食は、お鍋でした。お豆腐の賞味期限が切れたので、慌ててお鍋。こちらで手に入るお豆腐は数週間冷蔵庫で保存出来るタイプなので、数日なら大丈夫だろうと思って使っちゃいます。正確には日本と違って賞味期限ではなく、use by なので消費期限なのですが。メインは鶏団子。今日は少しだけ日本酒も飲みました。

Today’s dinner was Nabe (Japanese Hot Pot).  We had tofu, of which use by date was a few days ago, so we wanted to have something that uses tofu.  The tofu we can get here aren’t real fresh ones, it’s the type that keeps for some weeks in the fridge, so just a few days, hopefully, doesn’t make a difference.  The main ingredient for nabe at our home is mince chicken balls.  We also had just a little bit of Japanese sake as well as beer today.





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