Petworth Deer Park


It was a beautiful day with a blue sky and very strong sun today and it hasn’t been raining for quite a while so we thought the ground shouldn’t be very muddy and decided to go out. It’s been a while since we went out, other than for some chores.  We went to the Petworth Deer Park and walked about 30 minutes or so.  It’s usually less than 30 minutes by car from home but when we were nearly there the road was closed and we had to drive by a long way around; it probably took about 20 minutes longer.


The temperature was quite low, only about 7C, but it was very sunny without much breeze so it didn’t feel cold.  As we were wearing winter coats, we got quite hot and sweaty towards the end of our walk.


It was so bright and sunny that I couldn’t see much of the photos I was taking on the phone and some of them were with the wrong sun so I wasn’t expecting the photos to be good, but they are quite nice.







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