Pub Lunch At The Swan Hotel in Arundel

月に2度、刺繍の会の集まりがあり、いつもはお隣のお友達の車に乗せていただいているのですが今日はお休みされたので、夫に送り迎えをしてもらいました。なので、ついでに集まりがあるパブ「The Swan Hotel」でランチをしました。

I join a local embroidery gathering twice a month.  I usually go with my next door friend but she was absent today so my husband drove me up and down. Before the gathering started we had lunch at the pub “The Swan Hotel” in Arundel, where the meeting is held.



My husband had Smoked Salmon for a starter.



I had Club Sandwich with Ciabatta.  A little too big but it is very nice.  Chips are good here, too.



My husband had Stewed Beef Shin, which he said was very good.  The green paste is broccoli purée, which he also enjoyed very much.




The Swan Hotel
27-29 High Street
Arundel BN18 9AG


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