Scones aux Noisettes et a l’Orange


Our niece is here to stay tonight so I baked some Hazelnut, Orange Peel & Chocolate Scones (that I learned at the French Baking Class this month) yestserday.  The texture is a little different from usual scones because of using granulated brown sugar.  When I baked them at the class I put all the ingredients in the fridge on the day before so the flour was very dry and the amount of egg & cream wasn’t enough, so I had trouble with putting the dough together, but it was easily done in one go today.


Our oven seems to bake things quicker than standard. The first time I baked them for 15 minutes (although the recipe says 20 minutes) and they were over-baked.  Even though they were over-baked they were still very good, they just had closer texture to biscuits than scones.  Yesterday, I baked them at slightly lower temperature for 15 minutes and they were just right, crispy outside and softer inside.  They are the best on the day but still good today.


I took this photo after baking but I was planning to take nicer photos on a nice plate or something today, but I totally forgot and there is only one left now, so I have no choice but uploading this photo.  It’s really a nice and easy recipe and they are a bit different from usual scones, I really like them.  The portion makes only small 8 scones, which we eat very quickly, so next time I’ll bake double the quantity!


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