Harira Soup, Orange, Fennel & Olive Salad And Cheese

またフランスパンがなくなったので、ショーラムにある美味しいパン・ケーキ屋さん、La Patisserie に行ってきました。近くに美味しいフランスパンを見つけられていないので、1ヶ月に1度かもう少し頻繁に車で30分かかるところになるLa Patisserie でフランスパンを買って来て冷凍しています。とても人気で常に列ができていますし、わたしたちが欲しいバゲットはあまり残っていないことが多く、今日も2本だけゲットしました。

As we had run out of French Bread we went to La Patisserie in Shorham-on-Sea so we could get a few baguettes and freeze them. O I guess we go there once a month or a little more often even though it takes 30 minutes by car because we still haven’t been able to find good French Bread nearer to where we live.  The place is always popular, there is always a queue and they don’t often have many of the baguettes that we like left – we were able to get 2 long ones today.


There is a churchyard that we walk through on the way from the car park to La Patisserie and we saw a few patches of crocuses there.  We saw quite a lot of daffodils as well.  When we were driving we noticed that snowdrops are on their way out and crocuses and daffodils are coming up now and also saw some trees with pink blossoms, maybe plums, maybe peaches?






Today’s dinner was Harira Soup (Moroccan soup, we froze some when we cooked it last time), followed by Orange, Fennel & Olive Salad and then cheese.

オレンジ、フェンネルのサラダは以前から時々作っていますが、いつもはオレンジ、フェンネル、ロケット(なければサラダ菜類)、フェンネルの葉に塩胡椒、レモン汁、オレンジの汁、オリーブオイルをかけていました。今日は、先月のズームレッスンのお料理教室 Mizue’s Kitchen で玉ねぎとオリーブも入れておられたので入れてみたのですが、とても美味しかったです。オリーブは、今日はガーリックとチリを詰めたもの。残念ながらロケットはなかったので省略です。

I’ve always made this Orange and Fennel Salad but what I usually do is to use orange, fennel slices, rocket (or salad leaves), leaves from the fennel, salt, pepper, lemon juice, some juice from the orange and olive oil.  Today, I added onion and olives because the recipe I used at Mizue’s Kitchen last month used them.  The olives are the ones stuffed with garlic and chilli.  Sadly we didn’t have any rocket or salad leaves today but it was still very tasty.







Cheeses were Camembert (Rustique) and Blue Shropshire, which I ordered from our online supermarket.

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