Devon Trip Day 2 / Cornish Pasty (Supper)


We had such a big lunch yesterday that we didn’t get hungry in the evening. However, while we were in Fowey we bought a Cornish Pasty at a little deli that the staff in the restaurant had recommended  as the best place for pasties, so we had this in the evening as we thought we should have it while it’s fresh . The owner of the deli told us they only had standard ones left by the time we went there although they do make a few different kinds, but it was fine for us as we wanted the standard type. The filling was beef, potato & leek. I have to say I was surprised how small the pieces of beef were and how few of them I found, but I don’t need to have a lot of meat and it tasted good so it was fine. They had 2 sizes and we bought a larger one and shared it. We also bought some cheese, salami and potato salad and were going to have them with the pasty but we were too full so had just the pasty, and we’ll have the rest for supper today.

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