Devon Trip Day 2 / Lunch at Fowey


We went to “Appleton’s” in Fowey for lunch, as we’d enjoyed eating there before on our Cornwall trip in September. My husband asked how the business was, thinking if customers were back after the covid lockdown, but the staff replied that sometimes it’s good but sometimes not so good and that people are not spending much in Cornwall in the current conditions.


We shared Cacio e Pepe Arancini and Sourdough Bread to start with. The Arancini was very tasty.


For the main, we both ordered Gnoccheti (pasta) with sausage & fennel sauce. My husband had the main dish size and I had the starter size. Although it was good it has quite strong flavour so a starter size was more than enough for me.


For dessert, my husband had Panna Cotta.


I had Chocolate & Orange Tiramisu.


After lunch, we did a little shopping for the supper in the deli near the restaurant and drove back to the cottage.


When I checked weather forecast a few days ago it looked like the weather wasn’t going to be good here but luckily it was not bad both today and yesterday.

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