As forecast, we had quite good weather today, but there are 2 rain with cloud marks showing within the next week, while there was none yesterday – I thought it was too good to be true.  Still, it’s the sun mark for the next 3 days, which is lovely.  The temperature is still quite low, 1C the lowest and 11C or 12C highest.


I was a little worried I may be in pain again on my legs and maybe lower back today after the weeding I did yesterday but fortunately I’m not, I feel good that I am OK.  I guess it was because I hadn’t done the movement of repeated squatting down and then getting up for an hour and a half for nearly six months.


Today’s dinner was Bibimbap.  I don’t follow the authentic recipe and used bean sprouts, dried shiitake, carrot, courgette and red pepper.  I’ve written a recipe before.   We had frozen sukiyaki beef that we bought from the Japan Centre so we used that as well.  It was very tasty.






These are some of the Christmas Roses that I cut in the garden yesterday. They looked like they were in the process of making seeds so I cut quite a lot.  I didn’t want to cut all of them, though, so I did leave some.  I saw some buds so maybe when they open I’ll cut the rest or at least those that look like they may make seeds soon.



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