Sakura (Cherry Blossom)

去年、4月2日に桜を見に Hove Park に行ったときはちょっと遅かったのですが、今年は気温が低めだったので良い感じかもと思って今日行って来たのですが、残念ながらまだまだでした。ずっと気温が低いですもんね。水仙が咲くのも遅かったですし。でも、2本だけ、ちょうど道路に近いところに2本、満開の桜がありました。

Last year, we went to “Hove Park” on the 2nd April and we were a little late for the best time to see the cherry blossoms.  This year, the temperature has been quite low for this time of year so I thought maybe it would be good now and we went there today but it was far too early.  We did, however, find 2 trees in full bloom near the road.





The rest of them looked just started to bloom, so maybe it’ll take a week or so for the best time, we’ll try again.


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