Moroccan Chicken Tagine & Persian Jewelled Rice


I was expecting it to rain today but it was quite a nice day, it rained a tiny bit in the evening when I went out to the garden to get some mint, but if you weren’t out you wouldn’t have seen it.  Today’s dinner was “Moroccan Chicken Tagine” and “Persian Jewelled Rice”, I was in charge of Tagine and my husband was in charge of rice.  I wrote about them when we cooked them last time about six months ago, but we didn’t have apple juice today so I just used water and reduced the amount of dried apricot to less than a half because we thought there were too many of them – so it didn’t taste as sweet and we quite liked it.  I also reduced the amount of almonds.


I told my husband that I thought he should use our own method of cooking rice, and reduce the amount of water from the recipe but he is one of those people who wants to stick with the recipes and he did – and the rice was very wet and became like gluey.  Our pans are Le Creuset, Staub and Cristel, which tend to retain water so much more than many other types of pan, we need to reduce the amount of water whatever we are cooking.  Still, as we had it with stew with sauce it wasn’t as bad as I feared.  I would insist we’ll reduce water and cook rice in our way next time, though.



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