Rib-Eye Steak


I thought the forecast said it was going to rain but it was very sunny until evening.


A little while ago, maybe about a month ago, we had a tree professional come and look at our tees and he told us that the old silver birch looks dead on the top so we should cut that part off.  Then just the other day we had a very windy day and we noticed the tree had leaned to one side on the following day.  There is a narrow road beyond the our back garden and across the road there is a school, so if the tree was to fall it could be a disaster so my husband hurriedly made an arrangement and the tree professional came to cut the tree down this morning.  I was thinking if it rains it’ll be a pain for him but it didn’t.


On Thursday, our gardener came and did some weeding as well as some other jobs, but he didn’t have time to do weeding of the back garden and I noticed there were quite a lot of larger weeds, so I spent an hour and a half or so to pull them out and also put some supports around some of the plants that needed it.  The highest temperature is still only about 14C but  it was so sunny that I did get quite hot.  I notice that weeds are growing faster now so I do need to keep them under control.



Today’s dinner was Steak.   We bought rib-eye steaks from the butcher in Petworth the other day, so I marinaded them and my husband cooked them in the Anova and then seared the outsides, it was very good.  I must say I liked the steaks we used to buy from them until half a year ago or so because they had more fat but they changed the supplier and the ones you can buy now don’t have much fat so not so much flavour.  still, they are good when you marinade them and cook them sous vide.  We had it with Potato Dauphinois and Stem Broccoli.





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