Thai Dinner At Thai Time In Arundel


Although it rained sometime after lunch time, it became very sunny after that and the temperature went up to 18C, which is the highest we’ve seen this year.  The warmest we had so far was about 14C and it has often been only round 10C highest, so it felt much warmer and more spring-like.  However, looking at the forecast, it’ll go down to 14C soon again.

今日の夕食は、アランデルにタイ料理屋さん「Thai Time」に行きました。金曜日ということでとても賑わっていて、毛っっこう広い店内ですが多分満席だったと思います。最近日が長くなって夕食の時間になっても明るいですし、外に出てもそれほど寒くなので、夜に出かけることにしました。ランチに行くとガラガラで心配になるのですが、ランチタイムはどこのお店もガラガラの場合が多い気がします。

We went to “Thai Time” in Arundel for dinner today.  Being Friday it was very busy, the restaurant is quite large but I think it was full.  Now that the days are longer so it’s still light at dinner time and it’s not freezing cold when we go out, we started to feel like going out for dinner.  When we are there at lunch time it is very quiet and we worry about their business, but I suppose most places around here are quiet at lunch time.


We tend to order the same things every time – Deep-fried vegetable spring rolls, Chicken satay, Laab Moo (mince pork salad Issan style)  – but we tried something we hadn’t tried, which was Gaeng Om (no coconut milk, very spicy and it had chicken, bamboo shoots, mushrooms etc).  It was too spicy for us!  On the menu it did say ‘seriously spicy’ but we thought we might be OK with it because laab moo also has 3 chilli marks and we can enjoy it.  This was too much, though.  I had, I guess, 3 or 4 spoonfuls but that was all I could manage.  My husband had more, he seemed OK at first but when he had the second serving he started to look uncomfortable.  For dessert we had our usual Banana fritter to share.


The bill was £66 including 1 large draft beer and 1 small draft beer









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