Mushroom Cream Pasta


Last week I ordered pack of mushrooms thinking they were small ones, but they turned out to be very large and also the pack was very large, so there was a lot of mushrooms left in the fridge that we should use.  So, tonight’s dinner was mushroom and cream pasta.  I would have liked it more without the cream but my husband prefers with cream.  I used pancetta, garlic, mushrooms, cream, pasta cooking water, salt, pepper & Parmesan cheese.


Today, I chopped some mushrooms in chunks and some we minced in the Thermomix.  When you mince mushrooms they give a stronger flavour to the sauce.  The pasta we used was fettuccine with truffle.  We used 150g for two, which was a little too much.  130g next time.  I’m so full!


Sadly, the tulips all stood up.  You cannot really arrange tulips because they move around on their own.




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