Rape Field


It was a beautiful day today.  Although the temperature was still around 15C and felt a bit chilly when breezy, it felt hot in the direct sun when it wasn’t breezy.  We’d like to change the pots in our gardens from spring flowers to summer flowers so we went to a garden centre to see if their summer flowers are already out and they were.  Last time they still only had spring flowers but this time they had both spring and summer ones.  They didn’t have what I was hoping to get but I have also searched online and there aren’t a lot of choices so I guess we just have to get whatever we can.  We are going to go away from the 8th May for a few days so we’ll do that after we come back.


Recently, when we are out by car, we see a lot of rape fields, which makes you realise it’s spring now.  We weren’t at a high enough level so the photo doesn’t really show much of it but  it was all rape flowers around us.


Incidentally, I hear the pollen count is especially high around here this year and I’ve been having very itchy eyes, specially the last few days.  I take anti-histamine and also use eye drops for hey fever, which usually works OK but not the last few days.  My eye areas are swollen…




In the garden centre, we had lunch.  I had Mediterranean Vegetable  Panini, my husband had Brie, Bacon & Chilli Jam Toasty – both very good.  We didn’t have many of the chips – they are usually too much, specially after large sandwiches like these so we tend to leave most of them.


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