Lily Of The Valley


It was very sunny in the morning, but then suddenly rained very heavily around lunch time.  It didn’t last long though and got very sunny again, and it’s looking beautiful now with the blue sky.


It’s May from today.  I know I always write this, but a month goes by so fast and 1/3 of the year has gone.  You are supposed to give ‘lily of the valley’ to loved ones on the 1st of May in France.  Decades ago, when we were travelling in Paris, we bought a bunch of lily of valley from a florist and we had it in a glass in the hotel room.  They are very cute.  We have some lily of the valley in our garden, too.



When you look out to the garden from the house, the far left and far right parts don’t get much sun and lily of the valley are planted there.  Last year, I think I saw only a few of them but this year a few more came out.  However there are still only about 12 or so altogether so I ordered about 20 more online, which have just been shipped so hopefully arrive soon.  I wonder how many out of 20 will settle, it seems like many of the plants and bulbs disappear.





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