Sunday Roast (Roast Beef) At Brasserie Blanc

今日は、サンデー・ローストに出かけました。チチェスターの「Brasserie Blanc」。この辺りにはあまり美味しいところがなので比較的安定して美味しい Brasserie Blanc には一時期度々行きすぎて、特別感がなさ過ぎてちょっと足が遠のいているのですが、以前から日曜日のランチタイムのローストビーフが気になっていたので今日行ってみました。

We went out for Sunday Roast today – to Brasserie Blanc.  As there aren’t many restaurants we like near us we were going to Brasserie Blanc a bit too often at one point, and got a little tired of it, but my husband suggested to go out for Sunday Roast and I had seen Roast Beef on the menu in Brasserie Blanc, so we tried it.



The roast beef itself was very tender and good (although I cannot say it’s flavourful because there is no fat at all) and Yorkshire Pudding was also very good.  There was a lot of vegetables – carrot, beet, red onion, cauliflower, parsnip & cabbage.  The Roast potatoes, we thought, needed roasting a little further but overall it was excellent.  It was so big that we couldn’t finish it but we did manage most of it.




To follow we each ordered the Pistachio Soufflé.  It was yummy. 

We are so full, though.





Including a glass of red wine each and a bottle of sparkling water, it was about £80.



We enjoyed it so much that we would be going there again.



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