Rome Trip / 1st Day (A few snapshots of Rome)


We are in Rome for 4 nights from today. We’ve been to Rome a few times before but it’s not my favourite city, to be honest. It’s hard to know why myself but perhaps because the archtecture isn’t my favourite style and it’s too big to be able to walk around. The reason why we are here is because we wanted to see our good friends, who moved from Umbria to Rome a month ago or so. They were running a B&B and cooking classes on top of a hill in Umbria but they closed it and moved here at the end of March. We met them 15 years or so ago when we took her cooking class and we havc been seeing them almost every year since, in Thailand or Srilanka or some other places. We were intending to visit them in Umbria soon after we moved to England but then the Covid happened and it’s been delayed – we haven’t seen them for probably 5 or 6 years.


The flight from England to Rome is only 2.5 hours but it takes us an hour and a half from home to get to Heathrow so we left around 9:30 for the flight a little after 2:00pm (it was delayed until about 2:30). We arrived in Rome around 6:00 (there is a time difference of an hour), then a little less than an hour by a limousine car we booked to the hotel so it was nearly 7:30pm by the time we were in our room in the hotel. The flight itself was only 2 hours (it was shorter than scheduled) but overall it took us all day.


The photos here are just a few snapshots from the car. Before we got to this area we were driving in residential area and I was shocked how all the buildings (lower parts) were covered with graffiti. I didn’t see much of it in the touristy part but outside the tourist area you see graffiti wherever you look. I wish I took some photos, I will take some if I have another chance.


So, we are here to see our friends and aren’t planning to do any sight-seeing. We probably won’t have a lot of time to eat out either. However, there is just one touristy thing we are going to do – we are taking a Food Tour tomorrow, which we are looking forward to very much.

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